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Lundy notes

Lundy Island is around 5km long, 1km wide, rises to 142 metres above sea level, and is about 30km from the coast of North Devon. It is accessible by ship - the MS Oldenburg makes regular trips from either Bideford or Ilfracombe. The engines on this ship were upgraded a few years ago, so the journey now takes under 2 hours - considerably quicker than it used to be. See for details. Lundy is also accessible by helicopter.

Other webcams in Devon

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The Instow Webcam shows Instow village and beach, near Bideford on the North Devon coast.

For Dartmoor, try Dartcam, a webcam near Princetown, right in the middle of Dartmoor, very useful for finding out what the weather is like on the moor. Although only 50km from Lundycam, the weather conditions here are often quite different from those shown on LundyCam.

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Lundy Island and Devon organisations - Information and photographs of Lundy Island. - Climbing information for south west England.

Lundy High - Lundy climbing information.

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